The Casa da Imagem (CI) [House of Image] is a center for artistic education open to the community. It was designed to be a place where, through artistic experimentation, people can learn, reflect, generate and share perspectives concerning the relationship between the individual and the world. We understand education as an activity that focuses on the knowledge that the individual builds up within himself in connection to his environment.
We understand art as a broad concept which comprises the specific dimension of artistic production and the cultural sphere.
The artistic education in the CI centers on the close relationship between experience, artistic and cultural promotion and the educational service.
We will encourage people to explore the relationship between the artistic and the educational standpoints in terms of their own experiences and expectations.

In the CI the image is the object that promotes the meeting between experimentation, learning and our surroundings. The image is at the same time the product of that process. That understanding allows us to create a productive learning environment, which enables people to call up images in a dynamic process that involves looking, “drawing” and constructing meaning.

We would like the CI to be a space where learning is characterized by its ability to intervene reflectively on everyday contexts and we believe that we can achieve that by including participants in the activities.

It is in this environment of learning and crafting that it becomes possible for contemporary art to create a common ground, where multiple spheres of meaning with different points of reference intersect: everything from communication and language to the historical, social, philosophical, aesthetical, political and educational dimensions. Learning takes place when we adopt an attitude of discovery, of exploration and deconstruction, of cooperation, of creating and sharing individual perceptions about images.